Kaks Kokka is a modern Estonian casual dining restaurant, where the best international cuisine meets with years of practice, which has been fine-tuned in some of the best European Michelin star restaurants, and the best quality produce from here and elsewhere. We have a shared kitchen and team with restaurant Ö that has been recognized as a Global Masterclass level restaurant. Our cuisine is one of a kind on the entire planet. The creation of each and every dish has a story and an emotion attached to it. These have either carried with us from our childhood, come to us on our culinary journeys or been inspired by the wild Estonian nature. All of this has been brought together with the help of our heritage from Saaremaa. We work closely together  with local small producers and hold foraging in high regard. Our drink selection is diverse and consists of only the best producers’ beverages and also includes some very special ones made by ourselves. All of these tastes are perfectly accompanied by our knowledgeable and always pleasant service family. lightwordreviews.com